„Verärgertes Gesicht“ ist erwachsen geworden. So sieht das Mädchen mit dem unglücklichen Gesicht heute aus

This post is about a baby girl, who’s face is the most disgruntled one.

Zima Josephine is a baby, now already eleven months old. She is the first baby in her family. Everybody was waiting for her for many years, and when finally she birth make everyone was surprised.

“What a face!”, “What a look!”, “She is funny and a little bit scary, isn’t she?”, “What a little honey bunny !”, “what a cutie”, and “ugh baby you are right, this world is annoying “, and such kinds of comments I have heard about her.

Now she is eleven months old. She learned how to smile and amazed everyone with her funny face. Write a comment, if you like babies too.

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